F is for Fletcher’s

I have this thing about water chestnuts: I LOVE THEM. They have this perfect crunchy texture without being dry, and I wish they were in everything. Sadly, they are in nothing but Chinese stir fries and rumaki.

So I was elated when I saw Fletcher’s online menu that features shrimp and water chestnut dip. Huzzah! I couldn’t believe that a rock venue would bother to have an  interesting menu in the first place, and it was really vegetarian-friendly to boot (edamame, black bean hummus, veggie burger options).

Unfortunately, when I got to Fletcher’s, the menu had changed. I ate enormous fried shrimp  in  sriracha-cilantro sauce and washed it down with a few happy hour beers, but I’m still sad I didn’t get any water chestnuts. I also didn’t get any onion rings, which were my first choice. (They were out.)  The brooding indie rocker two barstools down also didn’t get lettuce on his burger, because they were out. I consoled myself with a few cheap games of pool on Fletcher’s really busted pool tables. The brooding indie rocker probably wrote a song about loss and disappointment.

I’m trying not to dwell on the bad stuff, because Fletcher’s deserve major points for effort, and also because one of the cooks told me they are revamping the menu in the next few weeks to make it more locally sourced. Very ambitious for a dark hole of a rock club decorated with garlands of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Genny Cream Ale empties.

Incidentally, the chef wore horn-rimmed glasses and was super-cute. And that was just the chef, to say nothing of all the skinny boys in black loitering around the place. So if you like better-than-average bar food and emo guys, Fletcher’s is the spot for you.

I didn’t explore the performance space upstairs, so I should probably go back sometime. The performers from Lion of Ido were really nice and “Beatles meets Weezer” sounds like something I’d like. Unfortunately I am a total square with an office job, so there’s no way I’d make it to a show that starts at 10:45 on a Monday. I was lame and went home and fell asleep in front of the soporific brilliance of the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Addendum: If anyone has recipes involving water chestnuts, please post in the comments!


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