B is NOT for Boardwalk Fries

I was at Towsontowne Mall food court (I know, this blog is so about the hot, trendy spots about town) this evening on the later side and I noticed that the Boardwalk Fries stall was completely dark. I asked the Villa Pizza checker if it just closed early or if it was closed for good. He said it was closed for good since business around the food court had been slow. Just about everything in the whole mall was on sale, so I guess everyone is desperate for business.

Being a good reporter, I double-sourced the story with a food court cleaning lady who confirmed it. Surely the economy has gotten bad when there aren’t enough sullen Towson teenagers with the disposable income to get to the mall, order fries and talk about how when they are 18, they are so out of here, man. Not that I ever did that.


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